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Yuletide reveal!

As usual, I meant to write treats and didn't manage to write anything but my assigned story, but I ended up very pleased with that one!

Merrily In Springtime, Robin Hood (Traditional)

My recipient's prompt was for the Sheriff and Robin being friends and/or lovers somehow despite everything, and for a happy or at least somewhat hopeful ending rather than angstfic. Figuring out how to work that out while keeping the Sheriff plausibly within his canonical antagonistic role was a super interesting puzzle, especially given that the traditional ballads allow for a certain amount of flexibility of characterization and continuity, and I had a lot of fun with it. I also had a ton of fun reading lots of old ballads -- thanks, Project Gutenberg! -- and cracking up over them.

My recipient also suggested "Robin Hood and the Butcher" as a potential base for the fic, and I did indeed end up going with that, mixed in with "Robin Hood and the Potter" because I love the Sheriff's wife in that ballad to bits. I just want to hang out with her! (I also ended up with all kinds of thoughts about the Sheriff's wife, Marian, etc that didn't end up in the fic, but I had a great time thinking about them.) The tack I took was to make the Sheriff someone very committed to working within the system and with a lot of investment in the underlying class/monarchy system, but who was still devoted to his people and to ideals of justice, so it was interesting to try to walk that characterization line.

[tumblr.com profile] bookofstars not only was a huge help in brainstorming (thanks again, Izzy!) but also gave me the best description of what I was trying to achieve with this fic: "This fic tackles the question of how affection might survive in the face of enormous political disagreement. What do you when you can’t set aside your moral differences, but you don’t want to set aside your feelings?" Thanks also go to [personal profile] skygiants and [personal profile] saramily for brainstorming, encouragement, and super-speedy betaing.

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Christmas and Yuletide!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and happy first night of Hanukkah to all who celebrate that, and uh a happy end of December to everybody else!

My family celebrates Christmas, and Christmas Eve is our primary celebration, so I have gotten and given presents and been to church my usual one time in the year and eaten lots of food and cake and generally had a lovely day. The last few days have contained horseback riding, scenic snow, lots of tea, and some frantic Yuletide edits because this ended up being a very last-minute year on many fronts, but I was pleased with the result. I'm at my parents' brand new house, too, which they moved into about a week ago (and which they had built), and it's gorgeous. So much light, so much wood, so many shades of blue and green, and did I mention the amount of wood? Also, so many things still in boxes or shoved temporarily into a cupboard because SURE WHY NOT HERE, as is traditional after a move, so everything is a bit let's say charmingly informal around these parts.

And! Yuletide! I got Writ upon the Heavens, an adorable Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha fic about Nanoha growing up and leaving home for real for the first time. It's super sweet, and I think it should be pretty accessible to people who don't know canon! Thank you, mystery writer!

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O, my country.

Everything and everyone seems numb and leaden today. I don't have words. I'm so afraid; I'm so angry; I'm so afraid.

We'll move forward. We'll do what we can, as people do and have in every dark time of the world. We'll band together and we'll keep on fighting for love and justice and compassion and everything that really matters. But right now, it's all surreal and awful.

Rest of the world: I'm sorry. God, I am.

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Yuletide letter

Hello, dear Yuletide writer! Thank you so much for writing for me. Whatever you write, it'll be in one of these fandoms, and so I'm sure I'm going to love it.

If you're the sort of person who prefers to have minimal details from the recipient, you hereby have my permission to close this letter and wander away to do your own thing. I have preferences but no triggers or serious I-cannot-read-this dealbreakers. But if you, like me, tend to prefer as much information as possible, here you go. :) I also try to sum up what a canon is and how easy it is to consume in a hurry, if you don't like the prompts in the canon we matched on.

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Okay, on to the actual prompts!

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(no subject)

Confidential to New York City-area folks: I'm in your town for a whirlwind trip where most of my time is spoken for, which is why I haven't tried to make hanging out arrangements, but let me tell you that if you can see the Public Works' Shakespeare in the Park one-weekend-only musical version of Twelfth Night, THAT IS A THING THAT YOU SHOULD DO. I recommend it so, so highly. It's a glorious explosion of joy and community and color and music, and they take the opportunity of the musical adaptation to play around with the fourth wall and to remove a lot of the more uncomfortable parts of the original. We spent the whole play beaming all over our faces.

I believe [personal profile] skygiants is in the midst of composing a more detailed recommendation of the same. Edit: Yup!

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Rolling Remix!

In more upbeat and also more interesting news than the last entry: the MCU Rolling Remix is live!

This is a really cool first-time exchange run by [personal profile] muccamukk, in which one starting story was remixed by three separate people, each of whom had their story remixed by someone else, etc, in three different remix chains forming a giant game of MCU-fic telephone. [personal profile] muccamukk's got a post for guessing authors and remix order, if you feel so inclined. (Reveals of both will come on August 5th.) I've got a story in there, and I'll be interested to see if anyone guesses which it is! I feel like there are some telltales, but then I've got spoilers on the subject.

(I owe a life update post and have promised [personal profile] skygiants some bookblogging and so forth, but I'm heading off tomorrow to vacation with my mom and aunt in the ancestral and extended family stomping grounds of upstate New York, which will be beautiful and fun and largely lacking in wifi or phone signal. So further posting will probably wait until after that!)

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(no subject)

Hello everybody! Uh, if you got an email from my Yahoo email account with a subject line like "Urgent" or "Urgent: FYI" or something, please ignore it! My account got hacked. I caught it pretty fast, and I've changed my password, but they seem to have sent a blast out to a huge swath of my contacts list first. Sorry about that!

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My Arisia Schedule

Who else is going to Arisia? I'll keep an eye out for you, or we can even dare the con busyness gods by planning to get together for a meal or something! (On the one hand, I'll be running around a lot like everyone else, but on the other hand I'll be staying at the con hotel and thus relatively findable.)

Here's the schedule of stuff I'll definitely be at, on account of being a panelist or otherwise engaged to be responsibly present:

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