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Updated whenever I remember to! Format shamelessly adapted from sotto_voice. Last updated 6/14/11.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Wanderer Goes [Yue, minor appearances by a lot of others; G; for atla_ladyfest]
LJ | AO3
Yue and the moon.


Some of Jacuzzi Splot's Acquaintances Are More Reluctant To Intrude On A Friendly Outing Than Others [Jacuzzi Splot, Nice Holystone, Donny, Nick, Chane Laforet, Claire Stanfield, Isaac Dian, Miria Harvent, okay I think that's everybody; G or PG; for Yuletide 2010]
AO3 | Podfic
A day's excursion to Coney Island turns out to be slightly more eventful than initially anticipated.

Five Times Firo And Ennis Fought Together, And One Time They Danced [Firo Prochainezo, Ennis, also Claire Stanfield, Luck Gandor, Keith Gandor, Maiza Avaro, Czeslaw Meyer; PG-13 to mild R; for Yuletide 2010 NYR]
LJ | AO3
When you've got an immortal lifespan ahead of you, you can afford to take things kinda slow.

Chronicles of Narnia

Between [Susan, Lucy, Peter, Edmund, Professor Kirke, Mr and Mrs Pevensie; G; for gen_ficathon 2010]
LJ | AO3
One would have thought that the first days back would be the hardest. But as it turned out, that wasn't true at all.

The Dark is Rising sequence

To Remember For Always [Bran Davies, Will Stanton (mild Bran/Will), assorted Stantons and OCs; PG; for Yuletide 2004]
Yuletide | AO3
Bran visits Will, and discovers that memory is an uncertain thing.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Five Books Sheska Read [Sheska, OCs; G or PG; for fma_ladyfest and co-written with bookelfe]
LJ | AO3
Sheska reads everything she can find, but some books mean more than others.

Nobody's Perfect [Riza Hawkeye, Rebecca Catalina, OCs; PG; for fma_ladyfest]
LJ | AO3
Rebecca knew the academy was going to be hard, but it's still an adjustment.

These Are The Scars [Hawkeye/Mustang, minor appearances by their team; PG-13]
LJ | AO3
New habits, like everything else in Mustang and Hawkeye's lives, bear the weight of history.

Got One Hundred Steps To Go [Lust, Rose Thomas, OCs; PG-13 for violence; for fma_ladyfest and co-written with bookelfe]
LJ | AO3
After a crisis, the important thing is to get up momentum.

Building Blocks [Winry, Paninya, Ed Elric, Al Elric, Garfiel, pretty much the entire population of Rush Valley; G; for fma_ladyfest]
LJ | AO3
Winry thought to herself, This could be my new home. Rush Valley could be my home.

Firefight [Havoc, Hawkeye, Mustang, OCs; PG-13ish for language]
LJ | AO3
Well, what the hell, thinks Havoc. Nobody ever claimed working for the Flame Alchemist was boring.

Gundam Wing

We'll Stand In The Sun [Lucrezia Noin, Zechs Merquise, and Sally Po, post-movie; G; for gwficexchange]
A letter from Mars.

go ahead, push your luck [Wufei Chang, Trowa Barton, Cathy Bloom, and some cameos (mild 3x5), post-movie; G or PG; for gwficexchange]</b>
The first time Trowa Barton's circus comes by Sanc after Mariemaia's war, Wufei nearly doesn't go.

Names [Trowa Barton aka Triton Bloom aka no-name, way pre-canon; PG or PG-13 for non-graphic war stuff]
LJ | AO3
What's your name, kid?

King of Shadows (Susan Cooper)

Be Free, And Fare Thou Well [Nat Field, Shakespeare, Richard Burbage, assorted OCs and historical personages; G; for Yuletide 2010]
Years later, Nat plays another role.

Lord of the Rings (and other Tolkien)

A Spirit of Fire [Melkor aka Morgoth, Ilúvatar aka Eru, many Silmarillion characters; G; for Yuletide 2008]
Yuletide | AO3
Last of all is set the name of Melkor, He who arises in Might. But that name he has forfeited.

Marvel comics

Let This Single Moment [Illyana Rasputin, Belasco, Piotr Rasputin, several X-Men and most of the 1980s New Mutants; PG to PG-13 for child abuse; for Yuletide 2007]
Yuletide | AO3
Illyana remembers, and the Darkchilde makes a choice.

Milliways Bar-centric

Untitled [Kitty Pryde, AU of Civil War storyline; PGish?]
Kitty's trapped in a box.

For Thine Is [Desire, Meg Giry, Anthy Himemiya; PG; for the Milliways Memory Remix]
Desire has two shadows: painful razor-black, shimmering hazy indistinctness. Watch closely: they trade places.

original and essentially original

Some Find Solace [OCs, based on Dave Carter's song "The Mountain"; G; for Yuletide 2010]
AO3 | Podfic
The old woman is tired, but she knows her successor will come. The mountain calls its own.

Princess Tutu

From the Ashes [Duck, Fakir, Uzura, bits of Rue and Mytho, all post-canon; G]
LJ | AO3
Uzura misses someone.

Star Trek

The Rule of Silences [Spock (Prime) and Sarek; G; for gen_ficathon 2010]
LJ | AO3
It is not logical, and yet it is true.

Sunshine (Robin McKinley)

Hands and Heart [Sunshine, Mel, Charlie, Sadie; G; for Yuletide 2006]
Yuletide | AO3
One of my first memories is of standing in the kitchen, begging to help Mom.


Chosen [OCs; PGish I guess; for Yuletide 2010]
Bendis was ten the year that his neighbor Lydia Turner got taken by the Heralds.

Ficlets, drabbles, commentfic, and other short stuff (all rated G or PGish, in chronological order of writing)

Humility [Wheel of Time] -- LJ | AO3

Flames [Tortall] -- LJ | AO3

Untitled (Lucy, Caspian) [Chronicles of Narnia] -- LJ | AO3

Espada Ropera (Peter) [Chronicles of Narnia] -- LJ | AO3

Heart-fire (the Star's Daughter, Caspian) [Chronicles of Narnia] -- LJ | AO3

The First Farewell (James Stanton, Will Stanton) [The Dark is Rising sequence] -- LJ | AO3

Catching Snowflakes (the Black Rider, Mary Stanton) [The Dark is Rising sequence] -- LJ | AO3

A Calling (Bran Davies, Will Stanton) [The Dark is Rising sequence] -- LJ | AO3

People-Watching (Will Stanton, OC) [The Dark is Rising sequence] -- LJ | AO3

Two Sides (Will Stanton, Blodwen Rowlands, the White Rider) [The Dark is Rising sequence] -- LJ | AO3

Flowers of the Forest (John Rowlands) [The Dark is Rising sequence] -- LJ | AO3

Informed Consent (Hawkin, Merriman Lyon) [The Dark is Rising sequence] -- LJ | AO3

Echoes (Max Stanton) [The Dark is Rising sequence] -- LJ | AO3

Untitled (Bartleby's a cow) [Milliways Bar fic] -- LJ

Untitled (an unnamed llama-hunter) [original fic] -- LJ

She Went Her Way Homeward [original fic based on folksong] -- LJ

Untitled Miscellany [commentfic drabbles: mostly original, but also Tortall] -- LJ

Laurie [original fic] -- LJ

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i am about to go on a story glut. UH. FOR PRODUCTIVITY. Or because I like your stories >.>. <333333333.

...It's productive for my ego! :D :D

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