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fingerpaint the sky

till everything shines

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Parking lots of the future
[misc] dreamers
I'm sneaking a few extra minutes into my lunch break to record this, because it was completely adorable and I'm thoroughly charmed. Walking back from lunchtime errands, I happened to see a driveway on which some child had scribbled copiously with lots of colors of chalk, and the word "Parking" preceded by something indecipherable caught my eye. I paused to study it and see if I could make out the indecipherable word. The family's name? The child's? Something familiar from signs, like "Handicapped" or "Permit"?

No. No, my friends. That spot was reserved for UNICORN PARKING.

Other spots included WIZARDS APPARATE HERE, and a separate WIZZARDS APPARATE HERE -- both thoughtful and likely quite sensible of the kid to set aside a separate area for Rincewind, I though, especially if apparating is involved. There was a STAR WAR SHIPS area. A sensible distance away, DRAGONS LAND HERE. At the front walkway, PEGASUS followed by something I sadly failed to make out, and an arrow pointing at the front porch.

I want this kid in charge of city planning, let me tell you.

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I love it! So perfect.

Wow. I hope you got photos! Those sound fantastic.

Sadly, no, I managed to leave my phone at home today. Otherwise I absolutely would've! The whole thing was great.

That is awesome. I love the driveway art I come home to, but never have my kids come up with those!

This kid was clearly so determined to carry on the theme as far as possible, too! (And also very excited about wizards. Everybody got their own slot, but wizards got the wizzard one too, and then had WIZARD scrawled at random around the rest of the driveway too. WIZARDS CAN GO ANYWHERE THEY WANT I GUESS.)

That is awesome! I completely agree that Rincewind needs his own space.

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