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fingerpaint the sky

till everything shines

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[misc] dreamers
As ever, I sidle onto my journal sheepishly while kicking all the blog posts I've mentally written and never typed up under a metaphorical rug. Hello world! I'm doing well.

I just want to gush about the fic I received for the Parallels exchange. Some marvelous soul wrote me Never Too Little, Never Too Much for Spirited Away, and YOU GUYS IT'S SO GREAT. It's 8200 words of Chihiro readjusting to being back in the real world, and it's slow and thoughtful and compassionate and full of delightful OCs, and it's just beautifully human. Go read it if you like Spirited Away.

Now, I'm off to go read more of the fics in this year's archive until our DM arrives for this afternoon's D&D hijinks.

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oooo D&D! I love table top gaming. What kind of character are you playing?

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