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fingerpaint the sky

till everything shines

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(no subject)
[misc] dreamers
I have committed Les Misérables fic again!

Well. That is. I have committed another installment of the AU in which they're all living on a moon colony and there are complicated politics about independence from Earth, and the stories are 50% worldbuilding and 50% me snickering at my own jokes. (For those who don't know canon, the whole series should be entirely readable, but also clearly with AUifying jokes you're not getting, so make your own call on that one.) This one is a present for [tumblr.com profile] needsmoreresearch, who asked for either more moon base fic or Enjolras and Feuilly fic, and is getting both combined.

Antarctica Is Always To The Point. G/all audiences, 2000ish words. Summary: Enjolras and Feuilly, on the moon as anywhere else, have certain preoccupations.

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