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fingerpaint the sky

till everything shines

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[misc] dreamers
Today was the REI members' garage sale. (At least in Boston. I assume this is a storewide thing, rather than something each store does when they feel like it, but it occurs to me I don't actually know.)

For those of you who don't know, this is a thing where REI dumps all the merchandise that's been returned or discontinued or whatever in bins in their basement for sale as-is. Some of it's perfectly good stuff that was returned for not being the right size or whatever, and some of it's busted to various degrees, but it's all deeply discounted. You have to be an REI member to get stuff there, but I signed up years ago and remember that every so often, so.

I went on a whim with a friend of mine, after having spent most of the day watching Highland dancing at an adorably teeny Highland Games in Rhode Island. (Last fall, I started beginner Highland dancing with several friends. It's a lot of fun! It's also constantly humbling, of course, as being a beginner at a very precise technique inevitably is, but I'm enjoying myself on the whole.) At any rate, by that point the sale had been going on for hours and was mostly picked over, but I did find two things.

One was a pair of gloves, theoretically the kind with conducive fingertips that work with smartphones, but we'll see if that's true, since the gloves were returned because the fingertips were wearing out. I don't care, because these gloves actually fit me. I have a very hard time finding gloves that fit my hands, so this fills me with great delight. But the other thing is... uh.

I may perhaps have impulse-purchased a pair of rollerblades.

In my defense, they were only $23. (And brand new! They had three pairs exactly the same, all in the same size, so I'm going to guess that they discontinued selling that model or something.) I tried them on, and got myself standing up without too much trouble, and was waffling out loud to [personal profile] sorcyress about whether I was going to buy them, given that I'd been kind of wanting rollerblades buuuut what if this was an optimistic mistake and I'd buy them but never use them so they'd just lie around reproachfully? "On the other hand," said a sales guy coming by, "if they are, it's only a $23 mistake."

"Yeah," I said. "I was thinking that."

Reader, I purchased them.

So! Possibly I will wobble learningly around the local bike path and quiet streets for a bit, and then take up rollerblading to work on nice days! Or possibly I have made a $23 mistake. But I'm highly entertained, either way.

("...Well," said my girlfriend, visibly trying not to crack up. "You're one step closer to living the Jupiter Ascending dream!" I didn't even think of that, but I will probably now be entertaining myself thinking of ANGSTY HALF-ALBINO SPACE MARINE WEREWOLVES rollerblading on greenscreen treadmills as I trundle through the bike paths of Boston.)

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I had rollerblades once but they never really fit me but they were super fun!

I used to love rollerblading. It has a feeling of freedom that regular rollerskating does not even come close to.

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