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fingerpaint the sky

till everything shines

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Posts I have been meaning to make (an incomplete list)
[misc] dreamers
- The rest of that 18th century French 'sci-fi' novella that I posted about the first half or so of back in October.

- Reading my way, laboriously and at a glacial pace, through Jules Verne's 20000 Lieues sous les mers after that (short version: surprisingly modern, surprisingly witty, and hilariously full of 19th-century-hard-sci-fi lists of marine species and ocean depths). Also and relatedly, the experience of trying to read more in French in general.

- The steampunk pop/rock musical Snow Queen I saw recently, which was quite astonishingly terrible despite the best efforts of the tech crew and, oh, let's say 7.5 of the 9 actors involved. Like so many of my memorable theater experiences for good and ill, it's [personal profile] skygiants' fault that I saw this, and I may very well manage an actual write-up. It deserves it.

- General Yuletide whining-and-flopping of the sort that really doesn't need any more details, because it can just be summed up as "I love this prompt and I love writing this story but why hasn't it magically written itself already." (I love the prompt and the fandom and everything, though. This honestly is just me laughing at myself about writerly laziness.)

- My general desire to acquire more music, especially in a way that gives money to the artists in question, and thus to trade recs with friends.

- The marvelous and hilarious children's radio theater version of Robin Hood from the 1940s that my brother unearthed on YouTube. I grew up on this, listening over and over to a cassette tape that my mother had made from the record she grew upon. My whole family can quote it. It's strange to hear it without the places where the record skipped when Mom was taping it: "Oh I'm not afraid of,fraid of,fraid of,fraid of -- Robin Hood!" sang the Sheriff, in my childhood. It's overcompressed, not what you'd call feminist, jaunty, ridiculous. They get their thees and thous right, and pause the famous archery contest to sing about sportsmanship. I love it and want to shove it at everyone I know and then snicker as I watch their faces. I guess this bullet point became the post on that! (There's a more rambly post to be made about the Robin Hood story as formative to me in the way Arthuriana was to many of my friends, I suppose.)

I... may or may not get around to posting about any of these in more detail than this, but feel free to chat in comments if you like!

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I'd love to hear more about Snow Queen. It sounds fascinating.

I feel your pain on the writing.

I too would read more about Snow Queen!

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