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fingerpaint the sky

till everything shines

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Yuletide reveal post!
[misc] dreamers
This year, like most years, I had intentions of writing a bunch of treats, and in the end only wrote my assigned fic. But I thoroughly enjoyed writing that! And it was for someone in my DW circle, no less, which makes it more fun IMO because you have a somewhat better idea of their interests.

I wrote epistolary post-canon-as-it-stands fic for the Steerswoman series, by Rosemary Kirstein. It's readable if you don't know canon, but the emotional content might be lacking in that case, and it does contain a couple of significant spoilers.

Navigational Aids, G/all audiences, 2800ish words. Summary: In the weeks after The Language of Power, Rowan and Willam keep in touch.

(This Yuletide was also notable for my recipient having to point out -- delicately and with admirable tact! -- that I had consistently misspelled Willam's name as William. This is also how I found out that his name wasn't actually William, because apparently I had misread his name the entire time I read canon, and during all of my canon review. This isn't the kind of trick my brain usually plays! I'm still cracking up at myself. NOW I KNOW.)

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