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fingerpaint the sky

till everything shines

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[misc] dreamers
Confidential to New York City-area folks: I'm in your town for a whirlwind trip where most of my time is spoken for, which is why I haven't tried to make hanging out arrangements, but let me tell you that if you can see the Public Works' Shakespeare in the Park one-weekend-only musical version of Twelfth Night, THAT IS A THING THAT YOU SHOULD DO. I recommend it so, so highly. It's a glorious explosion of joy and community and color and music, and they take the opportunity of the musical adaptation to play around with the fourth wall and to remove a lot of the more uncomfortable parts of the original. We spent the whole play beaming all over our faces.

I believe [personal profile] skygiants is in the midst of composing a more detailed recommendation of the same. Edit: Yup!

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I am so jealous! That sounds incredible.

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