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fingerpaint the sky

till everything shines

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(no subject)
[misc] dreamers
O, my country.

Everything and everyone seems numb and leaden today. I don't have words. I'm so afraid; I'm so angry; I'm so afraid.

We'll move forward. We'll do what we can, as people do and have in every dark time of the world. We'll band together and we'll keep on fighting for love and justice and compassion and everything that really matters. But right now, it's all surreal and awful.

Rest of the world: I'm sorry. God, I am.

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Yes. We'll stand together, comfort each other, and keep trying.

*hugs you tight* This exactly.

This has been, in some ways, a comforting reminder to me - Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise" - so I'm sharing it where I can:

Wish it didn't feel like that might need to be our anthem for a while, but. Yeah.

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