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I have just written my first drabble ever! My first successful one, anyway.

I am, by inclination, a longwinded writer. I hope that I'm not unnecessarily so, as I am a big proponent of the idea that every word should count, but I find it nearly impossible to slice stories down to a few hundred words, let alone an exact 100.

But The Dark Is Rising has been eating my brain recently (and by recently, I mean for the past month or so), and tonight I stumbled across darkisrising100. In a moment of weakness I joined, and in a moment of recklessness I decided to try the latest challenge, and I amazed myself by managing to write a drabble for it.

The challenge was to write "one hundred words about going back to school, or back to university for that matter." I bent the prompt a little bit. Concrit of any sort is, as always, very much welcomed.

James watches trees blur through the train window. Elm, he notes absently, and beech; Will would know the rest. But Will is back at the train station with Mum and Dad.

This is the first year since James finished grammar school that they have not boarded the bus for school together every morning. The first year in Will's life that he has been an only child, alone. James feels suddenly obscurely guilty.

James, who is rarely introspective, wonders why when he tried to awkwardly say goodbye to his closest brother, Will just smiled crookedly and said, The first farewell only.

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*thumbs up!*

It's really good! A lot of people just use drabbles as a way to write anything they can't really be bothered to develop, but you've told a whole story and made me want more of it at the same time. *grin* I really like "James feels suddenly obscurely guilty." and I don't quite know why, but it just works.

*full of approval*

Eeeee. I'm so glad you like it.

A drabble should be a whole story, I think, or rather a tiny sliver of a story that is both self-complete and hints at the rest of the tale, at resonances before and after and beyond. Which is why they're so terribly hard to write properly.

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