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Happy birthday saphyria!

Here, as promised, is your birthday fic. (The prompt was The Dark Is Rising: The Black Rider being smug about something.)

Catching Snowflakes

He is older than all of humanity, and he has forgotten times and places that no human now alive could think of. His lip curls a little in derision when he thinks of it, of those slow stupid mortals with their humdrum little lives, all imagining that they are the center of the universe. Cattle, they are, and he as far above them as they are above their farmyard animals -- and farther, for an angry bull or boar can kill a man easily, while every mortal creature of the earth is as putty in his hands.

And now he smiles, thin and cruel and cold as the thick unnatural snow that settles gleaming on his dark cloak, because he has an especially lovely little piece of putty to play with. Young and pretty and golden-haired, with a mind as empty as a milk-cow's, and emptier now that he holds her hair and her mind and her pretty little birth-token in his spell-graven box. He lets her infantile prattle wash over him, and watches the black strands of his horse's mane twist around her fingers.

Youth and prettiness and golden hair mean nothing to him; he has seen a thousand thousand girls just like her, all of them looking at the world through veils of mortality and seeing nothing of its true nature and true potential. But this Mary Stanton is the sister of the last Old One, still young and pale-haired and half-veiled himself, and thus she is a hold over him.

Which means that to hold her is to hold power.

And that means everything to him.

He smiles wider, white teeth gleaming like the ice hanging from the dark silent trees.

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Wow. Thank you so much! You could tell I was in an evil mood when I thought up the prompt. Not that it's anything unusual for me to be in an evil mood.

Thank you ever so much for the fic. It totally rocks.
The imagery...the colors...the wonderful evil of the Rider. Bwah. It's lovely! Thanks!


You? Evil? I would never have guessed.

*grin* Glad you like it!

OMGRiderfic I love the Rider! And the fic! And, and! Just. *loooves*

The Rider needs more love!

...No. Wait. The Rider needs to be soundly defeated, kicked outside Time for all eternity, and then loved from a safe distance.

As that's pretty much what happened, it works for me. :)


Lovely. Especially the line last.

*bows down in admiration*

So very well done. Perfect insight into the mind of the Dark in the form of the Black Rider, I think. The images are so clear that I have no problem seeing this, none at all. *shivers, applauds*

*grinblush* Thanks!

...Should I be worried that I'm apparently good at getting into the headspace of a lord of the Dark?

Oh, you should be worried, but since it results in fic like this, try not to worry too much. It's probably just a side effect from drinking out of Grab-and-Go cups or something like that. ;)

I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about. *whistles*

(Also, icon! So cute!)

*grin* That icon is from a picture of my sister's kitten. It is so very adorable and has the Attitude that all cats have, too.

But of course.

It makes me want to make little fangy hand motions at the computer monitor and say "RAR!" Only my tiny shreds of remaining dignity prevent me.

...I just did it anyway. Okay, forget the dignity.

It is rather unfortunate that I was drinking cocoa when I read that...

(Dignity? Who needs that?)

Ahem. Yes. Anyway, if this kitten had golden eyes instead of blue ones, it would be the very image in my mind of a certain other Kitten. ;) Which is perhaps why I originally imagined that one with blue eyes.


Perhaps the Kitten's eyes change like its name?

Oooh.... *shivers* Delicious. ^_^

Um, *Waves at your from Cambridge*

*waves back from Vermont*


Oh, I thought you were in Boston. :(

I was until recently -- I went to college there, and only just graduated this year. I still sort of consider myself a Boston person, and I'm hoping to move back there.

So you weren't entirely wrong. :) (And the fact that I keep forgetting to update my userinfo doesn't help, I'm sure.)

Boston is nice. If I get into grad school elsewhere next year we may be moving.

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