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Another Dark Is Rising drabble
[misc] dreamers
Cross-posting this not-quite-drabble (120 words) from darkisrising100 because, hey, why not? The prompt was "something to do with religion," and I was planning to write about Will, because his attitude towards the whole thing is so interesting to explore. But this whapped me upside the head instead. And, y'know, I can't really complain; I'm not sure I got all the wording exactly as I want it, but I'm very happy with the idea. (Concrit welcomed as always, etc.)

A Calling

"You're going to seminary?"

Bran slanted a sideways look at him, tawny eyes over the top of dark glasses. "That surprising, is it?"

"Well." Will pushed his hair off his forehead distractedly. "I can't quite see you going to church like your father, is all. Let alone preaching there."

Bran snorted. "No. Not like my da, all chapel and meetings and guilt. But..." He took off his sunglasses, folded them in his hands as he searched for words. "There is something beyond this world of ours, you know? Something that orders things. And watches them, and cares. I want to learn about that, figure it out... Am I even making sense?"

"Yes," said Will softly, staring at the road ahead.

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"Yes," said Will softly, staring at the road ahead.

*meeps* Gah, you and your wibblicious DiR stories make the time of impending Calculus class ever so much brighter.

That last line. *lower lip trembles*

*compulsively goes and makes tea before class*

Anything to further the cause of surviving calculus, m'dear. And tea. Is it Good tea?

(And I'm glad you like it!)

It is the Best Tea, which takes some doing.

*thinks a moment* At least, it's Best until I find something Better. I have been researching all the Evi-er....Good teas of the world, seeking out which

You get the idea.

*sips tea enigmatically*

Ooh. What sort of tea is the Best tea?

I read this again this morning, and I still love it just as much as I did last night, if not more. :) For all the same reasons.

So, OW. And it's beautiful.

(Icon just for you.)

Icon! RAR! *fangy hand motions*

Glad you like it. :)

This is just gorgeous. Pure Bran and pure Will and...oh, yes. This is very very right.

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