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fingerpaint the sky

till everything shines

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[misc] dreamers
I posted this long piece of navel-gazing recently under friendslock. Enough people said it resonated with them that I thought I might as well post an open version too. (So if you read that post, there's absolutely nothing new in this one. I haven't changed a word of it except this intro paragraph.) If you want to quote anything or link to this or whatever, feel free, now or later; do with it as you will. Just don't repost it in its entirety and do keep it attributed to me, please.

Thoughts about my sexuality (or lack thereof) and feelings about dating (or lack thereof), and labeling of bothCollapse )

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Invisible Ficathons dear author letter
[misc] dreamers
My deepest apologies, author -- this is currently a placeholder. I'll edit in the content by this weekend!

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[misc] dreamers
So, who all's planning to be at Arisia next weekend?

I'll be there all weekend starting Friday evening, aside from a detour Saturday night to go see "The Heart of Robin Hood" at the ART. (Tremendous fun -- I've already seen it once, but with a different group. Those of you who know [personal profile] skygiants will understand why we feel it's obligatory to drag her along to a panto-style hijinks-laden play about Maid Marion crossdressing her way about Sherwood Forest.) I'd love to meet up with people, either in a scheduled way or in a loose "hey, let's keep an eye out!" kind of way.

I'm also on a couple of panels this year -- well, one song circle, and one actual panel-style panel. (My first time on a panel! I am excited for it, and also quashing nervousness as best I can. At least I know two of the panelists by reputation and panel-watching as excellent, which is a little intimidating but mostly reassuring. I shall do my best to hold up my end of the discussion.)

Theme Circle: Ballads of the Supernatural
Sunday, 5:30 pm
Elizabeth Birdsall, Greer Gilman (m), Roberta Rogow, Sonya Taaffe, Susan Weiner

Many traditional songs tell stories of the supernatural: ghosts, faeries, shape-changers, and so forth. Come listen or sing in this themed song circle.

Creating Cultures
Monday, 11:30 am
Elizabeth Birdsall, Mikki Kendall, Nisi Shawl (m), Walt Williams

Religion, language, politics, gender roles, and treatment of the young and elderly are just a few elements to consider in making a culture seem real. How does one create a fictional culture without over-simplifying? How does one draw from culture and myth in the real world, without perpetuating racial, ethnic or religious stereotypes? What is cultural appropriation, and how we create fictional worlds while remaining mindful of inequalities in this one?

So that's me! That and, of course, running around a lot going to panels and hanging out with geeky folks. And remembering to eat every so often. I usually end up settling into the filk room for late-night open filk once other panels have wound down, too, so come midnight or so you can usually find me there.

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(no subject)
[misc] dreamers
It’s been a snow day (yaaaay) after a vacation full of not much internetting, and I have the whole weekend ahead, and I’m not going much of anywhere for a bit, because there’s a windchill below 0F and I am comfy on the couch. (I think we got about a foot of snow? That’s what it looks like out the front door, where admittedly it’s all been plowed and shoveled and heaped up so you have to look at the cars to judge. But when I went to look out the back door, I discovered that it’s high enough that I can’t open the back door, so. I love winter! Especially when I don't have to go anywhere for a couple of days.) Time for a silly meme stolen from tumblr!

Comment with a character + thing if you wanna know my headcanon for them in regards to that thing.

e.g.: molly hayes + sleeping

I reserve the right to answer with a ficlet or not!fic instead of a headcanon, if I feel like it. Or to ramble and make up something on the spot if it's not a character I've thought a lot about (or even if I have). Any and all characters welcome!

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Yuletide etc reveals!
[misc] dreamers
Happy 2014, everyone! I have had a lovely New Year -- hanging out with [personal profile] skygiants and [personal profile] aquamirage and then going off to the Delaware Valley Hogmanay ball to dance all night, and then brunch in the morning (well, technically afternoon) with Becca and assorted family members. So 2014 has so far contained dancing, sleep, and delicious food, which is an excellent start to the year and I hope it continues accordingly.

Also, as is traditional for the start of the year, I should do my Yuletide reveal post. I wrote Enough To Go By in Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series for Moontyger. It was really fun to do!

Moontyger wanted a Companion's-eye view of the world, and offered a whole bunch of options for which Companion and angle to choose, all of which would have made for really interesting fics. I ended up settling on Rolan, and writing a fairly introspective piece set in the Talamir era several months before Talia comes on the scene. There are a lot of things left unclear in canon about how exactly things work for Companions, especially the Monarch's Own, and I had a lot of fun juggling ideas for that (and juggling ideas for how to fit it into a canon with a slightly, er, flexible attitude towards worldbuilding continuity.)

I might as well combine posts, and also link to my Miserable Holidays fics here. That was a Les Misérables holiday fic exchange, although I can't call this a reveal since they were never anonymous. I wrote Le flâneur passe une bonne journée (for TheFlameThatNeverDies, who afaik has no DW), in which Bahorel (oldest and one of the least class-attending of the student revolutionaries) wanders around Paris, hanging out with various Romantics and republicans and making affectionate fun of most of them. A friend called it "aggressively canon-era," which sounds about right; I had a whole lot of fun with research for this one. The other fic I wrote for that is Unlocking the Orbit, which is aggressively not canon-era; it's a moon colony AU for [personal profile] bobcatmoran. It was a pinch hit, and if I'd had more time it probably would have grown into a sprawling monstrosity with a plot that would owe an embarrassing amount to Gundam Wing. Since I had about 24 hours (and other stuff to do in that time as well), it's 1.5K of banter.

I hope you all had a lovely New Year, to start off a lovely new year!

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December posting meme: studying Arabic
[misc] dreamers
Okay, obviously, I am not doing these meme exactly on the days I intended. (Although if you asked for a specific day for a reason I'm aware of, I will try to make that day! I know myself too well to outright guarantee.) But I am aiming to do them all, even belatedly, and so! As per [personal profile] rymenhild's request, on December 17 today I am talking about my experience with the Arabic language and Arabic-speaking countries.

Hmm. Okay, some background to start offCollapse )

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(no subject)
[misc] dreamers
Merry Christmas to all, or at least those who celebrate it! (For those who don't, I hope you're having an absolutely lovely Wednesday, and successfully avoiding unwanted Christmas carols. Unless you're in the antipodes, in which case I hope you had a lovely Christmas Wednesday, and are now sleeping the sleep of the just before a happy Boxing Day Thursday.)

My family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, for reasons lost in the mists of extended family scheduling and now enshrined in tradition, so I had a lovely holiday yesterday! We went to lessons and carols, and opened lots of presents (all of mine are great!), and ate copious amounts of delicious food. Today is a lazy day, in which the only things on the schedule are making a turkey dinner -- in the brand new oven, since my parents' old one, er, died in the middle of Thanksgiving -- and hanging around the house barefoot in comfy sweaters. I fully intend to spend most of my day reading Miserable Holidays and Yuletide fics. IT'S GONNA BE GREAT.

Speaking of! MY YULETIDE GIFT. You guys, I got Silver Hawk fic, and it's fantastic.

Flight of the Silver Hawk, by some mysterious but wonderful person, is a banter-laden and pitch-perfect fic in which Lulu Wong ties up the loose end of finding those bungee cord hockey stick-wielding fighters from the movie, which of course entails bopping around a circus, playing with aerial silks, and bickering a whole lot with her doof of a brother. IT'S THE BEST THING and you should all read it if you've seen the movie, and also if you haven't.

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(no subject)
[misc] dreamers
Gramarye, Rymenhild, and certain other folks around these parts:

I feel you should know that tonight, I was at a carol-singing gathering at the house of some friends, where we sang "Good King Wenceslas" properly -- some people singing the king's part and some people singing the page's, and some people singing harmony quietly underneath, and everybody joining in together for the narration.

(I sang the king's, along with a friend, and we grinned at each other across the room and then put in as much straight-backed gravitas as we could muster.)

Afterward, I said "For anyone else who grew up on The Dark Is Rising, I'm just gonna point out that we just sang Good King Wenceslas in parts on Midwinter's Day," and got three high-fives.

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December posting meme: sheep
[misc] dreamers
For December 16, [personal profile] lnhammer wanted me to tell you guys about sheep!

...Well. This one stymied me for a bit. Not because I don't have anything to say about sheep, but because I don't have anything particularly deep or particularly organized to say about sheep. So here, have some bullet point anecdotes:

Sheep, I guess!Collapse )

[List of posting topics here -- there are still several days open!]

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December posting meme: favorite place
[misc] dreamers
This is the first post from my December(ish) posting meme! And it's already a day late, which bodes well. Anyway, [personal profile] nny asked me to tell her about my favorite place.

The trouble here is my usual trouble with picking favorites, which is that I always want to pick at least six or so, and then whoever asked the question gets to sit there trying to look patient while I go "Oh, but there's this one -- and then there's that one -- and I can't forget that other --" ad nauseum.

So I made a list of places that came to mind as favorite places of mine, and there were a few running themes: somewhere up high, with (or in) trees, minimal human presence (except possibly that of my immediate family) and certainly no inherent social interaction. Those of you who know me IRL are probably nodding along with expressions of a deep lack of surprise.

There are a lot of places I love that don't qualify on that list. Places I love to bring people to; places I love for the company I have going there; places I learn things, places I get good food or new books, places full of history and beauty and excitement. But what makes a place a favorite is that it's somewhere I can go, and just being there rejuvenates me. I can relax, bone-deep, in a way one can't always day-to-day. I can sit there, and feel myself centering again. (The other place that can do that, which didn't make the list because it's way too unspecific, is the middle of the woods. Any woods, anywhere, any season that I'm dressed appropriately for. Put me in the middle of a forest without other humans around, and it's as if the air has suddenly cleared.)

So I will ramble about the one that I have the most to talk about, I guess!

Specifically: the kitchen roof at the cottageCollapse )

I haven't gone to the cottage much in the last several years. It's a long solo drive to get there now, and I mostly spend my vacation time on other things. But when I do go, I still opt for that bedroom, and I still climb out the window. The old down-banging original windows have been replaced, and so have the twin beds (with new twin beds), and the people who live on the point have shifted over the years. But the roof's still there to sit on, and I still bring a suitcase full of books, and I can still feel the world drop away below me.

[List of posting topics here -- there are still several days open!]

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That December posting meme (sort of)
[misc] dreamers
It seems as if nearly everyone on my reading page is doing the same meme of taking post requests for December. I have been wanting a good kick-start for posting more, and I've been really enjoying everyone else's responses!

At the same time, it's already December 5, and this is gonna be a very busy week. Also, I know myself, and I know that if I just faceplant into a daily posting obligation starting TODAY RIGHT NOW GO GO GO, I will be even less likely than usual to get it done. I need some time to mull over a post.

So! I am off-setting my posts from December a bit. (Also, I like the idea of branching out beyond a universal December flurry.) So December 15 to January 14 it shall be.

Below the cut: pick a date below and give me a topic.

The listCollapse )

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(no subject)
[misc] dreamers
This week I had the realization that the tablet I've pretty much never used (because I was given it as a present right before my old desktop died, and the netbook I was using as my main computer after that was not really up to running fancy drawing anything) will totally work with my new laptop, which is large and has memory and generally is capable of doing things. Today, I managed to remember that downloading updated drivers is a thing that exists and that would probably make my computer and my tablet successfully talk to each other. (Spoiler: it did!)

Time for adventures in how the pictures in my head and the pictures I draw never match up properly! :D

(I know this is true for everyone ever and that practice is the only way to get better. I'm excited! But don't expect to see any art any time soon. What I've done so far: use my stylus to write things like "pencil" in Sketchpad and draw smiley faces, to see how the stylus even works. The smiley faces are mostly lopsided. Still: :DDD)

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Yuletide letter
[misc] dreamers
[Placeholder post -- Yuletide letter to come soon!]

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Fic: After Winter, Spring
[misc] dreamers
I promise at some point I will post things that aren't fic again. (But today may not be that day. If it helps, I'm really proud of this one?)

Title: After Winter, Spring
Fandom: Les Miserables (book)
Characters: Fantine, Sister Simplice, Sister Perpétue, Mme. Thénardier
Wordcount: 9000ish
Rating: PG/Teen. Warnings for references to child abuse; nothing graphic or onscreen, and the child worst abused is safely out of that household, but others aren't, and neither the abusers nor some of the bystanders see the problem. (In other words: this deals with Montfermeil and Cosette's Lark years.) Nothing worse than canon, but not a lot better either. Also, contains major/chronic illness of the Nineteenth Century Unspecific Narrative Wasting Disease sort.
Summary: Fantine lives after all. Not as much changes as you might think -- except for her.
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] skygiants for betaing, cheerleading, and for the initial idea which was (as so often) all her fault. Thanks also to [personal profile] littledust for being a cheerleading writing buddy, and to avon, [personal profile] cheyinka, and [personal profile] adiva_calandia for helping me write Catholicism. Any remaining errors are of course mine.

Sister Simplice came down the stairs from Father Madeleine's darkened room, a purse in one hand, a note in the other, her eyes red-rimmed, her face thoughtful, resolute, very pale. (Link goes to AO3, because I think this fic is too long for a DW post.)

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Crowdsourcing my fic research
[misc] dreamers
Okay, I have a question for the Catholics and/or historical scholars around these parts! I am working on a fic, and the one scene that's keeping it from being finished is hung up on the fact that I know nothing about what confession would have been like for a nun in France in the 1820s. I don't mean the exact rite -- I can find the Latin, but I can also write around that part; what I need to figure out are the relevant attitudes.

Google is no help, or I am insufficiently good at Google, because all I can find are a) very general modern explanations of confession, or b) equally modern encouragements for Catholics to go to confession more often. And being raised Episcopalian is in this case no use at all. So I turn to my flist.

Here's the situation: More detailsCollapse )

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Fic: Les Traverseurs de la Mer
[misc] dreamers
...So uh. This is one of the more ridiculous things I've written. (I regret nothing.)

Title: Les Traverseurs de la Mer
Fandom: Les Miserables (book)
Characters: Courfeyrac, Combeferre, and Feuilly
Wordcount: 2000ish
Rating: G, no warnings I can think of except harm to fish
Summary: [personal profile] elsane's notes on her delightful collection of Les Mis ficlets include the comment, "sadly each chapter is a separate ficlet and AO3 won't let me sort the tags by chapter, so although the tags may vaguely suggest an epic adventure where Combeferre, Courfeyrac, and Feuilly embark on a steampunk type voyage to the bottom of the sea told entirely in Hugolian pastiche, that story is alas not contained within this work. You cannot be more disappointed about this than I am." So obviously I had to write that.
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] littledust for enabling, and to [personal profile] skygiants for enabling, betaing, and mocking me as much as I deserve. Also up on AO3.

In the Bay of Biscay, waves rocked against a ship's hull.Collapse )

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I return!
[misc] dreamers
I got in last night from the road trip! Now I'm paying the price for it in a week's worth of work email to catch up on, but I don't care; it was a fantastic vacation and I enjoyed every minute, and I'm heartily glad to have taken the trip.

I plan to do a write-up with pictures when I get a chance. It will probably be both belated and very rambly, because that's how I roll. In the meantime, Becca has written the succinct version.

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Fleeing into vacation!
[misc] dreamers
This is a notice of absence, because I am embarking in a couple of hours upon a week-long road trip! (Technically I'm already embarked, in that I drove to NYC yesterday, but it doesn't really count when I'm in a friend's living room with wifi.) [personal profile] skygiants and I will be heading into the Midwest, and not returning until next weekend.

Our theoretical destination is the Illinois-Missouri border, to visit Cahokia Mounds and the City Museum in Saint Louis. We'll see if we make it all the way there or not, but I'm hoping to! Either way, it will be a week full of mix cds, Midwestern scenery, random roadside attractions, and a mixture of cheap motels and camping out. I'm looking forward to all of this enormously!

However, it will not be a week of much (or possibly any) internet access aside from what phones provide. I'll be checking in on twitter periodically, and occasionally checking phone email, but otherwise, consider me incommunicado until next Sunday at least. If there's anything you specifically want me to be aware of, I'd appreciate you drawing my attention to it by email or commenting here or something, because there is no way I'm gonna catch up on an entire week's worth of social media later.

See you later, friends, and don't explode the internet without me!

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Signal Boosting: Boston roommate wanted (for friends)
[misc] dreamers
My friend L and her housemate are moving soon, and looking for a third housemate to join them. Here's what she says about it:

If you know of anyone who might be interested in signing a one-year lease on a three-bedroom in Somerville, Massachusetts (hey, you never know), send them my way! We're moving in on September 1. It's a mile from the Red Line and under a half a mile from several bus lines: not the most convenient location ever, frankly, but doable. Also, well under the exorbitant pricing that I see on most places in the area that are closer to the T.

It's cute and has been well taken care of -- dishwasher, garbage disposal, friendly carpenter landlord who fixes the place up (and has been very chill about the fact that we don't ... have a third roommate....), relatively new windows and insulation, coin-op laundry in the basement, brightly-colored walls, eat-in kitchen, pantry, living room, two regular-sized bedrooms and one Godzilla bedroom that used to be a dining room.

We'd prefer a lady roommate, though we're open to anyone if the roommate chemistry seems good. We want someone responsible, easygoing, clean, and relatively quiet (we are not a rager-throwing household), who's queer-friendly and who preferably has a job or is in grad school. We're, well, me (I feel like y'all know these things about me but: I work long hours for a nonprofit, I'm very busy and I like to bum around the apartment/lie down on my face and watch cartoons, when I have downtime), and Roomie J, a hilarious human being who is a full-time postbac student as well as a waitress and research assistant. She is never home.

When she is home, we like to bake and cackle and watch Archer and Parks and Rec, and send each other pictures of cakes that we want to eat, and text each other from our respective bedrooms. We are a serious people.

If you're interested, let me know, and I'll put you in touch with her! I can vouch for the quietness, responsibility, and delightfulness of this household.

Also, a couple of friends-of-friends are similarly looking for housemates: adrian_turtle for someone September-March in Winter Hill, and ratatosk for someone(s) beginning in September right by Davis Square. See [personal profile] sovay's post with more details if you're interested. (If you're moving out of a two- or three-bedroom cat-friendly place in the general Somerville/Cambridge area or otherwise know of an available one, she would also love to hear about it.)

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Laptop question for the masses!
[misc] dreamers
Do any of you have recommendations or anti-recommendations for laptop brands? I'm looking to buy a new computer, for the first time in a good while, and I'd love to hear if you have any words of wisdom to share.

What I wantCollapse )


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(no subject)
[misc] dreamers
1. I posted the collected fruit of my three-sentence meme on AO3! This includes a lot of random crossovers from DW prompts, and some semicolon-laden Les Mis ficlets from tumblr. I also posted the Les Mis/Steerswoman crossover I wrote for [personal profile] skygiants, which is the only one of my meme responses that absolutely refused to be limited to three sentences, and ballooned into a short fic instead.

2. I'm moving! So is the rest of my household; we're moving collectively from one apartment to another. Some of you have already heard about this, from my housemates or on twitter or in person, but I realized I hadn't actually posted about it here.

The reason for the move -- and for the somewhat whirlwind speed of it -- is that our landlord wanted to raise the rent by a large sum, and we felt that in no world was the apartment worth that whether or not our budgets would stretch that far, which they wouldn't. (There's a further saga here in which our landlord doesn't like to spend money or do things or put anything in writing, but that was fine as long as we were getting a fairly cheap apartment in a decent-but-not-fantastic location where everything worked okay. It's not fine if he wants lots of money instead.)

We're actually really excited about the new place. It's a single-family house that we're renting, so we won't have any neighbors upstairs or downstairs. It's in a slightly better location, it has offstreet parking and in-unit laundry, it's in better shape than our current apartment, it has a cute yard and lots of retirees and families in the neighborhood -- altogether delightful! About the only downsides are that it's smaller than our current place and it's technically in the next town over, which is a town with more potholes and a much more useless city website. But those are all totally manageable things.

In the meantime, however: moving. Moving and packing and panicking and packing and moving. I am already so tired of putting things in boxes.

I've been scarce around the internet for the past couple of weeks, and I will continue to be scarce for another couple of weeks, I expect. This is most of why!

3. I don't really have an interesting 3, but two items is too few to justify numbered and unrelated bullet points. In lieu of griping about warm weather, then, I will tell you that my cat has been reacting to the stress and change of her humans packing up everything by doing a lot of lying on my bed lazily supervising my work. It's a weirdly chill reaction for a cat as cranky and neurotic as Eva Luna! (My housemate's cat has been reacting much more as I expected, which is to say, by stressing out and attempting to climb onto and into everything simultaneously.)

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Fic: Warmth Against The Cold
[misc] dreamers
Why yes, it's another Les Mis fic.

Title: Warmth Against The Cold
Fandom: Les Miserables (book)
Characters: all the Amis. In rough order of talkativeness: Courfeyrac, Bahorel, Joly, Prouvaire, Bossuet/Laigle/etc, Feuilly, Combeferre, Grantaire, Enjolras
Wordcount: 2800ish
Rating: G, no warnings I can think of
Summary:In which punch is made, friends are teased, no amount of incarnate symbolism prevents anyone from a stuffy nose, and Courfeyrac demonstrates why he's the warm center of the Amis.
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] elsane for betaing -- believe me, this fic was way worse before she took a look! Thanks also to [personal profile] skygiants for letting me bounce ideas off her, and giving me the idea that pulled this together. Also up on AO3, with slightly more in the way of authorial notes.

The day was dismal, as the weeks before it had been, full of unrelenting grey drizzle.Collapse )

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Les Mis comm!
[misc] dreamers
I am loving the Les Mis fandom, but it seems to be mostly on tumblr, and tumblr is not and will probably never be my natural home. (Threaded comments! Easily searchable archives! A user interface that doesn't change at random!) At least some folks seem to agree, because every so often, the "Man, why don't we have an active LJ/DW home?" cry goes up.

Well. Now there is one! This post is to officially unveil http://les-miserables.dreamwidth.org.

It doesn't have an interesting layout or anything yet, but it exists, and is open to anyone and everyone who wants to talk about Les Misérables. Any version, any character, any subject -- the idea here is to be inclusive! The profile says the same thing in a slightly more longwinded way. All you need to do is join it to post, at least at this point. I'm the moderator because I made the comm, but I'm hoping I can be very hands-off and lazy about it.

Feel more than free to signal boost this wherever it seems appropriate!

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Hey, why not?
[misc] dreamers
There's a meme that's been going around:

1) Give me a pairing character or two.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

You can also give me a non-AU setting or scenario!

I pretty much just write genfic, which is why I changed the wording of this. You can still give me a pairing if you really want, but be warned that what you’re likely to get is UST, domesticity, and/or maaaybe a kiss.

You guys know my fandoms, I think, but I'll tell you if I don't think I can manage something.

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(no subject)
[misc] dreamers
About a month ago, I posted that I'd sold a story about sea slugs to Penumbra eZine for their May "Oceans" issue. Well, it's May, and that issue is live! So check it out, if you're interested in nudibranchs or in any of these other items on the TOC:

Penumbra eZine TOC, May 2013Collapse )

And now, I'm off to finish my lunch break by reading at least one story before I have to scurry back to work. (And by drinking more tea; the break room was full of meetings all morning, and I couldn't get to the caffeine sources there. Tragedy!)

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